We are a LONDON based Planning Consultancy with significant in-house expertise in submitting planning applications, obtaining permissions and winning planning appeals, as well as enforcement and other planning work. We have strong historical roots in our original practice, PETER D KYTE ASSOCIATES, which was formed in 1987. Our principal planner is a Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI). See below for more information...

Planning Applications & Appeals


PETER KYTE, Town Planner and Director of Enabling Projects, has since 1987 (initially as Peter D Kyte Associates) successfully obtained planning permission on many difficult, complex and marginal development sites. The practice has a longstanding TRACK RECORD of succeeding at planning application & appeal stages, and we pride ourselves in helping our clients get what they need out of the planning system. We support new schemes by feasibility studies, taking forward new projects with strong submissions, entering into proactive negotiations and, where need be, undertaking discussions with Council's to get the client out of a planning problem.


PLANNING LED projects encompass a range of PROJECT TYPES. We also do PLANNING ENFORCEMENTS and PRIOR NOTICE APPLICATIONS and PLANNING OBJECTIONS.   Architectural innovation, achieving high standards of design and sustainable design and construction are an integral part of our company’s development objectives.


We have had a broad range of clients, including property owners, investors, developers, landowners, architects and homeowners, helping them to make positive and sustainable changes to the urban environment. Creating sustainable communities and achieving eco-friendly development schemes are two of our main aims. If sustainability interests you, then please see our essays on development and CLIMATE CHANGE


Might you need development advice? You may own a DEVELOPABLE SITE or you could require advice on whether part or all of your HOME PLOT could be redeveloped. 


Whatever your situation, and be you at feasibility, planning application or refusal stage, please view the contents of this web site and then CONTACT or E-MAIL US  us.


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