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You may be a smaller property investor or a large asset management business with significant property holdings in your portfolio of holdings.

In these type of situations, the need for efficient property management sometimes outweighs the requirement to look at the portfolio, however small it may be, for planning scheme opportunities.

We have the expertise to look at your holdings and advise on possible planning projects. Our role here is to undertake planning feasibilities and create opportunities for planning applications and eventual planning permissions. Schemes may include new build, conversions, extensions or a change or use, or a combination of these.

Indeed, we have a very broad experience of working with property portfolios on this basis, creating a PIPIELINE POF PLANNING APPLICATIONS.

The approach we take though, is not one of focusing on individual projects but rather one of the STRATEGIC PLANNING BASED MANAGEMENT OF THE PORTFOLIO, which would include DEVELOPMENT PIPELINE MANAGEMENT and the management of planning applications in an efficient and effective manner.

Please see PROJECT TYPES and TRACK RECORD for more information. We would be pleased to give you an initial view on individual properties or a whole portfolio – please CONTACT us to arrange a discussion with our Planning Director.

If you are a foreign investor interested in entering the UK market, we would be pleased to discuss how we can best smooth the way for your investment funds to be put to good use in the UK property and development sector.

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