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We have worked with architects on a multitude of planning schemes over the last 30 plus years and have extensive experience of integrating our planning led services with the architect’s design expertise.

It is very much our forte to take the brunt of the planning submission and negotiation pressures, allowing the architect to more easily achieve his/her design aspirations on the scheme. Many architects have welcomed our input on design and layout, as well as making the planning application process easier to navigate.

We have put right many situations where a difficult negotiation and a complex planning policy background has put the architect ‘on the back foot’ in the negotiation with the Council planners. This ‘back foot’ dynamic can lead to protracted negotiations with the Council and unwanted design changes.

With us as town planners ‘on board’, your project can be presented to the Council with more clarity and the proposed building design justified more assertively. A situation where the architect is bogged down in planning policy issues is avoided, with our presentation giving a client side interpretation of  policy issues and the strengths of the scheme being forcefully argued. Our role is to smoothly pave the way for the planning permission.

We often take the brunt of the negotiation on non-design issues - such as employment loss and policy disagreements - and can also give positive support on agreeing design, layout and massing issues. We are also now giving support on sustainable development matters, including sustainability assessments.

We focus on what we call SCHEME POSITIONING. This ensures that a proposal is not only well designed, but all matters such as impact on the setting, loss of employment land, amenity matters etc. etc. etc., are properly addressed in the planning submission. With policy aspects comprehensively referred to the scheme is ‘positioned’ to maximise its chances of success of obtaining planning permission. We also give support in SUSTAINABILITY and COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION matters. Please also see PROJECT TYPES for more information.

It is worth noting that we have had many initially refused schemes over the years that, after a more comprehensive re-submission (rather a planning appeal) and a more assertive negotiation, have successfully obtained planning permission. Please see our TRACK RECORD to see what we have achieved.

Please also note that, as well as our extensive work on the client side,  we have undertaken senior level planning appeals for two London Boroughs. We are thus well aware of the workings of Council procedures.

If you feel that we may help you with any current or proposed projects then please CONTACT us for an initial discussion. 

 We look forward to hearing from you.

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