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Planning Applications & Planning Appeals

As Planning Consultants, our core expertise is working on planning applications and appeals, largely in the LONDON AREA. This covers a range of PROJECT TYPES, so we have broad experience, should you require any planning support. Please see the information below on how we might help you..


It is important that any project, whether it be a change of use and/or new build, stands a good chance of obtaining planning permission. Our PLANNING CONSULTANCY WORK focuses on early stage advice, often working with and advising architects. This is what we call "scheme positioning"... putting the scheme in a strong position at the outset, so that a speedy planning permission occurs. The "positioning" process involves looking at the relevant planning policy and development standards, and ensuring that accordance with the development plan is achieved. Please see how we ASSESS DEVELOPMENT SITES and CONTACT US for advice on your early stage scheme.


Our principal Planner, PETER KYTE, has over 30 years experience in a wide range of Planning Applications. Please see PROJECT TYPES for an expansion of this and also TRACK RECORD, where you can download a large number of cases that he has worked on. Applications work includes residential, office, leisure and commercial schemes. We have have obtained many difficult permissions for clients. In essence, our work maximises the chance of success. We hope that you will CONTACT US so that we can advise you on the best way to proceed.


If a planning refusal is received, the client must know whether an appeal against the refusal is the best course of action. In our planning appeals work, we will initially look at the scheme and advise on whether it is prudent to appeal or to re-apply with a different scheme. If appealing is best then we will take the proposal forward, lodging the strongest possible case. Appeals can be by written representations, informal hearing and public inquiry...we have working experience of all three. Please see TRACK RECORD for appeal examples.