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Planning Enforcements, Lawfulness & Prior Notice matters 

Our principal Chartered Town Planner has over 30 years of experience in the LONDON AREA, with significant expertise in PLANNING ENFORCEMENTS, ENFORCEMENT APPEALS, LAWFULNESS and PRIOR NOTICE matters. Please see the information below on how we might help you..


PLANNING ENFORCEMENTS are becoming more common, both for buildings and changes of use, as Councils try to enforce their planning policies and standards. This can lead to highly stressful situations for property owners, since enforcement can happen quickly. It is important in these cases to take the right action. Cases can often be defended by negotiating with the Council and/or by submitting an ENFORCEMENT APPEAL. We have a lot of experience in this area, so please do not hesitate to CONTACT US  if you have an enforcement problem.


With over 30 years of practice, we have  obtained Lawful Development Certificates (LDC) on many complex usage and building cases, situations which were previously unlawful. Our LDCs include houses, flats, commercial premises and new buildings. Please look at TRACK RECORD and 'General Planning Work' for case examples. We stress that each LDC application needs to be properly constructed and the right evidence lodged, and this is where our expertise may be useful to you.   Please CONTACT US with details of your case. 


More recently, PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT RIGHTS have been extended to allow for new types of development. These include larger house extensions, changes of use from office to residential and changes from shop to residential. They are secured by a type of application called a PRIOR NOTICE APPLICATION. It is important to make the right case at the outset, so we hope that you will CONTACT US if you have a PRIOR NOTICE APPLICATION in mind. We can advise you on what permitted dev. rights you may have.