ENABLING PROJECTS provides a DEVELOPMENT SITE ASSESSMENT SERVICE, which is a starting point for many of the land and homeowners who approach us. We act as a project enabler, managing the new scheme and doing all that is necessary to obtain planning permission. We have a current requirement for housing sites (both market & community housing) and also for mixed use projects. We can bring in a developer client or we can act for you if you are a landowner with funding backing. So, if you feel that you have land or buildings that are suited to redevelopment, we hope that you will contact us.

THE STEPS WE WILL FOLLOW: We will initially look at your land situation, in terms of site size, position, local character, the best possible site layout and look at the relevant planning policy. We will then give you an idea of what is possible and set out the next steps. This will involve bringing in the required project team and we will manage their working progress. A well defined sequence will be followed, moving towards the submission of a planning application and then the planning negotiations.

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