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Planning Objections

Enabling Projects undertake Planning Objections for clients. We help protect our client's property and living standards by compiling solid cases against inappropriate schemes. We have a good success rate so, if you feel threatened by a new development, we hope that you will read on below....


It is important to object to a planning application/appeal proposal that causes harm in some way and does not comply with planning policy. The dangers of not objecting is that you could be left with an over-sized, unsightly neighbouring building, which is a situation that cannot be reversed. We are not talking here about 'NIMBY' type objections, but ones based on solid facts and intended to protect the amenity, working and living standards of those affected by a proposed development. It is not always the case that Councils refuse badly designed schemes, so it is often best to object on a sound planning basis. As Chartered Town Planners we are experienced in this type of work. Please CONTACT US for any advice that you may need on objecting.


Our objection submissions are made after a site visit, a study of the drawings and other scheme documentation and assessing the relevant planning policy. With nearly 30 years of objections experience we know how to present a strong case, to maximise the chances of success. Objections include residential, office and mixed use schemes. We hope that you will CONTACT US so that we can advise you on the best way to proceed.


So, what are the chances of success? The answer to that is two fold: first, it depends on what the flaws and problems are in the proposed scheme, and second, it depends on how well the case against a scheme is emphasised within the objections statement. In our objections work, we will initially look at the scheme and advise on whether it is prudent to object. If objecting is the best route, we will present the strongest possible case to the Council, or to the Planning Inspectorate if it is a planning appeal objection. We have a relatively good success rate at this type of work, which can result in an outright refusal or an amended, improved scheme coming forward.