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In our experience, most developers progressing planning applications, other than the largest ones, do not have in-house town planners. This tends to put them at a disadvantage when more complicated or contentious schemes are being progressed, with the architect sometimes struggling with a series of planning issues.

We have to date worked with a number of developers who appreciate our planning input from the initial stages. We do hope that you will take time to look at our TRACK RECORD to see just how successful we have been on planning applications and planning appeals, sometimes in very difficult circumstances.

It is worth noting that the value of our involvement in planning projects and in progressing planning applications is increasing all the time, as policy and procedures get more complex. With the introduction of the new SPATIAL PLANNING SYSTEM, advice on policy such as in the LOCAL DEVELOPMEMT FRAMEWORKS and national guidance on CLIMATE CHANGE is crucial.

What is happening is that planning applications are getting MORE COMPLEX. DESIGN & ACCESS STATEMENTS plus a range of SUSTAINABILITY SERVICES, COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION and PLANNING CONSULTANCY SERVICES are now required for most planning applications.

All developers should 'stay ahead of the game' on the new planning system, so we hope that you will CONTACT US for more information.

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