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Brownfield Land Registers
...and how we can support you

In April 2017 the Brownfield Land Register regulations came into play, which require that local authorities maintain registers of brownfield land. Registers for all areas should be in place by December 2017 and will be updated from then on. This is an opportunity for landowners of all sized sites: small, medium and large. You should not miss out on getting your site onto the register and we can help with that. Please see below for more information.


The Brownfield Land Register regulations require that local authorities maintain registers of brownfield land (meaning developable urban land) that is suitable for residential development. Part 1 of each register will be a listing of sites and Part 2 will be those sites which will be given a 'permission in principle', to be developed for residential purposes. The Government's aim is that 90% of suitable brownfield development sites should have some form of consent by 2020. This means that, if you have land holdings, you should not miss out on the opportunity to be on the register, which may mean applying to get onto multiple registers if you have many landholdings. ENABLING PROJECTS is a London based PLANNING CONSULTANCY that has the expertise to deal with Brownfield land matters.


The Registers offer a new route to getting consent for a residential scheme, called a 'permission in principle'. Such a permission will determine the fundamental principles of development (such as use, location and amount of development) for the brownfield site, giving more certainty and adding value for the landowner and developer. The initial registration is followed by the 'permission in principle' plus a 'technical details consent', which runs into a permission to build. The technical details process is similar to an outline planning application (which is what we have been doing for 30 years) but is cheaper and more straightforward than such an application. We can assist in submitting your Brownfield Land Register entry and then follow up with the 'permission in principle' and 'technical details' submissions. We can project manage the situation for you, which might take quite a while to come forward, and promote your site in the best possible manner. Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US for a no-obligation initial discussion on Brownfield Land matters. 


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