Enabling Projects London

Greenfield Development Sites

Enabling Projects undertake a wide variety of projects, which, whilst mainly urban, include some greenfield development situations. We help look at these type of sites for potential and undertake Development Feasibility Studies. Please note that our requirement is for sites in the south-east and midlands. If you feel that development of your site is possible, we hope that you will read on below....


It is important to look at any Greenfield site in a balanced manner. It may be that development is not possible, but there is also a chance that a number of project ideas may be implemented. These include smaller scale housing, affordable housing, mixed use projects and community buildings. As Chartered Town Planners we are experienced in assessing development potential and will quickly tell you if anything is possible. Please CONTACT US for further advice.


We will do an initial assessment of your land and will tell you whether something is possible. Please note that we tend not to look at sites in the open country (please be aware of this), but situations in or around settlements may work. After the initial assessment we may come and see the site, after which an agreement will be needed. We will then plot out the best way forward and progress the planning process. With over 30 years of experience, we know how to present strong cases to local Councils, to maximise the chances of success. We hope that you will CONTACT US so that we can advise you on the best way to proceed.


So, what are the chances of success? The answer to that is twofold: first, it depends on what planning policy says about development in the area, and second, it depends on how well the case for the scheme is presented. In our planning work, we will initially look at the scheme and advise on whether it is prudent to progress. We will then present the strongest possible case to the Council, and advise you on an ongoing basis. We have a relatively good success rate..