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In a competitive world where Housing Corporation funds are being limited to fewer and fewer Associations and where developers have the financial strength to secure more and more of the best sites, a well thought out approach to delivering your Housing Association’s building programme is vital. Efficient and effective deliverability at planning stage is the key to any successful programme.

Carefully pre-negotiated schemes, projects going forward that are assertively justified and positive negotiations with the planning authority, all go to ensure that the Association’s bid programme is successful. We have extensive expertise in these areas. More recently we have obtained experience in SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENMT and SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES issues, which will help justify planning applications as new planning policy emerges.

We will work with your architect, advising on building mass, site layout and architectural detailing. We will help ’position’ the project with the authority to achieve the best possible planning permission in the shortest possible timescale.

Our work as planning consultants includes advising on development strategies to ensure that a pipeline of sites come to fruition. Using this approach, we have got some associations out of difficult planning situations and maximised the dwelling numbers on restricted development sites.

If you are interested in us providing you with PLANNING SUPPORT as PLANNING CONSULTANTS then we do hope that you will CONTACT us.

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