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As a response to CLIMATE CHANGE, the UK's SPATIAL PLANNING FRAMEWORK and the Government's new LOCALISM approach to development, we have broadened our consultancy to provide an integrated PLANNING AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT APPROACH.

This allows our clients to respond to the NEW PLANNING REQUIREMENTS in the UK, which focus on Global resource led priorities, community participation and sustainable growth.

Our new services are a response to emerging planning policies on SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES. This policy, to be contained in LOCAL DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS and updated GOVERNMENT GUIDANCE will provide requirements for schemes to provide a high standard of sustainable design and construction. It now needs to be ensured that any development project should not comprise the environmental resources available for future generations.

We do hope that you will look at the services below. Please could you read these in conjunction with our PLANNING CONSULTANCY SERVICES.and COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION SUPPORT.

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With planning policy changing very quickly, advice is needed not just on PLANNING & DESIGN MATTERS but on how every project can be environmentally sustainable and thus meet with the objectives of the new SPATIAL PLANNING FRAMEWORK. Advice given includes issues such as sustainable construction, design matters and on-site renewable energy.

As part of our work on our Statements for schemes, including DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENTS, we prepare a Statement of the scheme's sustainable development aspects. Our role in preparing this Statement is to provide a client side interpretation of the relevant planning policy, thus ensuring that the sought for permission is obtained.
Our practice now undertakes assessments of a project's level of 'sustainability', as part of a wider range of services. An element of this often involves preparing a 'SUSTAINABILITY CHECKLIST'. These, such as the one prepared by the Greater London Authority, can be quite complex and aim to set out the sustainability requirements of a scheme.
In the 'old days' energy use was not even close to being a material consideration in the determination of planning applications. Now it is one of the strongest, and will get even more important as more guidance is issued on how to tackle climate change. These issues are referred to in our planning presentations.
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