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You may be an individual interested in building your own dream-house for your family.

Do you need help and support to take you through the planning and build process??? Read on if you do!!!

The Self Build sector is expanding an at exponentially fast rate. Our planning consultancy, PETER D KYTE ASSOCIATES, has dealt with a number of self build projects over the years, where our expert planning advice has supported obtaining a planning permission. Our services are especially useful when the Architect runs into problems.

Please see PROJECT TYPES and TRACK RECORD for more information and CONTACT us to arrange a discussion if you feel you need help. To assist Self Builders further, we have teamed up with BUILDSTORE, who are the UK’s leading company in self build and renovation mortgage finance. We together offer a number of services. ENABLING PROJECTS offers a PLANNING CONSULTANCY SERVICE and BUILDSTORE offer a range of mortgage and site finding products. See below on both these services.

THE ENABLING PROJECTS CONSULTANCY SERVICE: We can undertake a planning feasibility study, assess the scheme, prepare a planning statement, make the planning submission and take you through the planning process, including the possibility of undertaking a planning appeal (hopefully not!!).

If you are interested us supporting your project then please CONTACT us.

BUILDSTORE SERVICES: In addition to the award winning Accelerator self- build mortgage, BUILDSTORE has developed a number of other exclusive financial products with a range of leading lenders. See the BUILDSTORE ACCELERATOR PACKAGES for more information on specialised self-build mortgages.

FINDING SELF-BUILD LAND: BUILDSTORE has a dedicated team who source land across the UK. Every day they make calls to a network of over 9,000 contacts including estate agents, land agents, local authorities, churches, the Forestry Commission, public utility companies and rail companies. They only list plots that you can actually use for a self build project. Please look at PLOTSEARCH for more about this service.

If you are interested in using a package of ENABLING PROJECTS and BUILDSTORE SERVICES services, then please use the links contained on this page. You will find ENABLING PROJECTS in the BUILDSTORE DIRECTORY.

We and BUILDSTORE look forward to hearing from you.

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